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Easy Noodle Making!
You can adjust the noodle size
by changing the nozzles - Ramen Noodle Machine


Suggestion of noodle making machine
with high cost performance for ramen shop!
Why not try to making custom-made noodles with our noodle making machine!?

You can also enjoy the unique sweetness and
wheat flavor by adding a raw egg to the standard
Kansui (Lye Water) noodles.
Also, by adding tapioca starch,
you can make your own original noodles with a texture that is both plump and chewy!


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  • 01
  • Preparation for Homemade RAMEN Noodles(example)

Making Ramen Noodles
with Tapioca Flour
Flour・Tapioca Flour・Lye Water

Challenging kneaded noodles with tapioca.
Chewy noodles are widely used for Tsukemen, but the recipe is very simple, just mix tapioca flour with wheat flour and make noodles.

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  • MEASURING・Moistening for Making Dough

Tapioca Flour Kneaded Recipe: Ration 3:1
Wheat Flour(150g)+Tapioca Flour(50g)

Water: 36%(Soft Water) Lye Water: 1% Salt: 1-2% Distribute the water evenly and, when the lumps become smaller, the moistening is complete.

  • 03
  • Making Ramen Noodles by "RAKUMEN"

Turn on the power and
Put raw materials into the hopper

[Nozzle Size]
□2.7x2.3mm, □2.4x2.0mm, □2.2x1.7mm, □2.0x1.5mm, □1.8x1.3mm, □1.5x1.2mm,
○2.4mm, ○2.2mm

Thin noodles, thick noodles, and hand-rolled noodles
You can make authentic noodles in the store anytime!



Anyone can easily make noodles by RAKUMEN

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Affordable tabletop
Ramen noodle making machine is debut!

ラーメン製麺機 - Ramen Noodle Machine RAKUMEN

Commercial Ramen Noodle Machine ”RAKUMEN” 

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Maintenance Precautions

The screws and nozzles are Teflon-coated,
Do not use metal objects, wash/clean with soft materials.
Dismantling Movie
ラーメン製麺機 楽麺-寸法図 ラーメン製麺機 楽麺 ラーメン製麺機 楽麺 Ramen Noodle Maker RAKUMEN Ramen Noodle Machine RAKUMEN